Friday, 25 October 2013

Each Patient is Different and so does His/Her Plastic Surgery Requirement

Plastic Surgery deals with a problem solving approach. We notice that every patient comes with a different problem (rather say challenging problem) requiring a completely unique solution. In Plastic Surgery, solutions are based on specific requirement of the individual patient (Analysis of anatomy of the defect and the requirement for repair or reconstruction). It is an accepted fact that each patient is different from other, and no human face has ever been duplicated. This indicates that everyone's' needs vary, are highly individualized. To meet their expectations, very customized or tailored procedures are required.

There are no anatomic barriers in Plastic Surgery as It involves manipulation of skin, soft tissues, and bone- form head to toe. The aim of Plastic Surgery is to keep improving by creative assessment of the requirements for repair & reconstruction to develop new and safer techniques to get the optimal results. It's quite correct to distinguish between medical science and physician's art of his creative ideas as to how to give best solutions, rejuvenate and restore each patient's happy state with maximum satisfaction.

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