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Aarthi Agarwal: Can Liposuction be fatal?

Everyone wants to look beautiful, physically fit and attractive. The definition of being beautiful these days translates in to being slim-trim and having a sportive figure to appear more youthful and attractive. This is why everyone worries about figure whether it is a concern with our general health or just sheer aesthetics and it’s not uncommon to see young men and women seeking ways to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from their figures. People may not have those feelings if they lived in a different era, but modern society does place a lot of emphasis on attractive figures. We cannot entirely change the body that was given to us but we can do our best to maintain and improve it. Liposuction is considered a huge help in reshaping the figures and improving the contours. It is a surgical procedure that enables body contouring and bringing it back to shape by removing excessive fat from various areas. Liposuction has always been a topic of interest among all the genders and ages due to the large amount of benefits it offers. But it has also been in headlines these days due to some different reasons. Telugu film actress Aarthi Agarwal’s recent tragic death is viral over the Internet space. The actress passed away reportedly after having liposuction about a month before her death. This tragic end her life led many liposuction seekers to doubt about the safety and success & utility of liposuction, and people are wondering how risky can it be.

What went wrong with Aarthi?

The Telugu actress, who had undergone a liposuction surgery about a month ago, died on Friday night, 5 June due a cardiac arrest following aggravated respiratory problems, as her manager and father informed the media. Earlier it was being rumoured that she died of complications post liposuction but the complications occurred with her are not particular complications of liposuction surgery entirely, this can happen to any such person who have a secondary health conditions (she reportedly had asthma and respiratory problems) after any surgical procedure and not specifically after liposuction.

She had consulted with a Hyderabad-based plastic and cosmetic surgeon earlier and expressed her desire to go under the knife to look slim. The surgeon had turned her away, stating that she would not be benefited from liposuction because she had generalized fat in her overall body (such as intra-abdominal fat or fat in internal organs) and liposuction cannot remove fat from the whole body. Liposuction is suitable only for those who are otherwise healthy and fit but have localized deposits of fat in several areas of their body such as tummy, thighs and arms etc. Anybody having secondary health condition (such as asthma, thyroid) should not opt for liposuction until and unless the condition is well controlled and it becomes safe to undergo the surgery. The surgeon had even tried to convince her to refrain from going through the surgery as she hardly had any fat under her skin. Not satisfied with the answer, the 31 year old then flew to New Jersey to carry out the surgery. The actress was asthmatic and had developed a pulmonary illness. The surgery aggravated her illness that she developed respiratory problems and despite medical attention, she passed away after one month of having liposuction. She went for a liposuction surgery beyond her body's capacity which led her to death, probably setting an example for all who consider liposuction a medium of “major weight reduction” because liposuction is not a short cut for weight loss.

Connection between Depression and Obesity
We are not really unfamiliar with the stories of depression and failure in the film industry, especially among actresses with weight issues. Individuals with excess weight often suffer from depression. What is less clear is which comes first. Could the effects of being seriously overweight directly lead to depression, or does depression itself cause excess weight gain in the first place? Probably, the answer is “yes” to both questions and it may not matter in any practical sense. Depression and weight gain go hand-in-hand. Certainly, increased appetite, reduced activity and weight gain can be symptoms of depression, and people with depression are more likely to binge eat and less likely to exercise regularly. Obesity can lead to problems in the reproductive system. Aarthi had reportedly battled depression and obesity for many years that caused a lot of troubles to her professional as well as personal life. She was out of work due to her weight issues and the 31 year old went into extreme depression after her films did not make it to the box office. She witnessed a rough patch between 2005 and 2015 when she attempted suicide after a failed career and a relationship. It appears that she became a victim of the Ideal of Beauty as she felt forgotten by everyone. The female actors with great figure are most in-demand in this field because there seems to be a dearth of new faces in Tollywood where Aarthi Aggarwal worked and having just a pretty face doesn’t cut it anymore. Being overweight might have been her biggest insecurity that she opted for a liposuction surgery under extreme pressure, despite her doctor suggesting against it.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which excessive body fat is removed from specific areas of body by ‘suction’, it is performed on otherwise fit individuals who don’t have any serious health issues and are committed enough to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle even after having liposuction. It slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits, improves body contours, proportion, and ultimately, improving self-image but it should never be considered a tool for major weight loss under any circumstances.

The misconception about Liposuction

The misconception about Liposuction being surgery aimed as short cut to major weight loss causes adverse health complications. A lot of women have started undergoing liposuction considering it a shortcut of weight reduction and ultimately end up suffering from major complications. Practically, Liposuction is a simplest & safest surgical procedure, anybody healthy and otherwise fit can undergo liposuction. But the first principle of liposuction is that it should not be used as a tool for major weight reduction, the surgery is meant for removing localized pockets of excess fat to attain a shapely body for otherwise fit individuals. Complications arise when large volumes of fat are removed and a lot of other issues come into play. Fatality due to the procedure is extremely rare and almost negligible, but it can take a wrong turn if care is not taken as to how the surgery would be done, on whom and by whom. If the person is not fit for surgery due to any secondary health condition, liposuction can aggravate the existing illness (as any other surgery can do). On the other hand, if it is not performed with the proper technique, expertise and standards there are chances that the patient can suffer from health disorders.

What Liposuction can and can’t do?

Though it is possible to undergo liposuction at almost any age, and a session of liposuction may include more than one site, for instance, the abdomen, back, and thighs all on the same day but the expectations should be realistic and you should not demand too much fat to be taken out. The qualified surgeon will only take out up to 6 to 8 litres of fat in a single sitting from the body of a person who is otherwise fit and healthy without any medical conditions, and of relatively normal weight but having isolated fat pockets causing certain areas of their body to appear disproportionate.
On close scrutiny one can note wide range of choices for proper selection of the place and experts for the surgery considering factors like vicinity, availability, credentials, duration and of course the cost of liposuction. In a recent survey done by the American academy of cosmetic surgery and the Aesthetic Plastic surgery society, 85 percent of the unsatisfied patients chose a surgeon-based on the basis fees alone. Pricing appears to be the key factor in deciding and influencing surgical procedures which at times leaves negative effects. It is also revealed that people suspect more of it here in India in spite of the fact that Liposuction is done routinely in India and certainly not with the same finesse everywhere. But been ruled by the British, Indians have a passion for foreign materials and services provided. But more important than cost is the standards of safety and it is essential to do a lot of homework before making a decision and research especially about the credentials of the surgeon and the hospital. Next thing should be your own fitness; you could be a good candidate for liposuction only if you are otherwise fit (not having any serious health problems) and determine to live a healthy and active lifestyle after liposuction. You should remember that liposuction will not be helpful in making you forever slim if you don’t regulate your sedentary lifestyle. Also, you should not hide anything from the surgeon who is going to perform your liposuction, any previous or current health issues should be discussed in detail beforehand for a safe procedure.

Therefore, an informed and calculated decision should be made whether one is willing to live a more disciplined life or whether one is physically healthy and fit to proceed for surgery. Most informed patients are satisfied with the result as they understand that there are limits to what liposuction can accomplish.

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