Saturday, 16 July 2016

Myths & Facts about Plastic Surgery on Plastic Surgery Day (15th July 2016)

Myth-1: Plastic Surgery can change your Entire Face.
Fact- Plastic Surgery can never change anyone’s entire face magically and can NEVER make you look like someone else. There are surgeries to improve minor imperfections in facial features like a rhinoplasty can improve the shape of your nose, a chin surgery can elongate your chin (if it is short) or a lip reduction/augmentation can change the size of lips but it cannot make you someone else.

Myth-2: Cosmetic Surgeries are completely painless.
Fact- The surgeries are like any other normal surgery where cuts are made but these are elective, there is somewhat painful (every surgery includes some pain) but that is well managed by medications.

Myth- Only high-profile people have cosmetic surgery.
Fact- Gone are those days when cosmetic surgery was considered exclusively a celebrity thing. With easily accessible information, affordable cost and availability, hoards of middle-class and lower middle-class junta are lining up outside the office of cosmetic surgeon to get the chiseled look.

-Dr. R. K. Mishra

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