Friday, 10 March 2017

How Soon Should I start to compare the results?

"It looks too big on my face, I don't like the new shape of my chin. I think my face is not suitable for this chin enhancement surgery, it looks too long. I want to reverse it, can you relocate my chin to its previous position please? I can't wait for 3 months."- A patient who underwent SLIDING GENIOPLASTY sent this email right after her surgery.
This is not uncommon to see patients who choose to have such procedures that produce immediate changes in their face often find it difficult to wait to see the final results and start comparing their pre-surgery face with their still healing face. This patient was not ready to accept the changes in her face but eventually agreed to wait for just 3 months and let the swelling go down as what she was seeing at that time was not the final result of her surgery. Her email arrived after 3 months, she wrote-
"I am sorry that I bothered you, didn't trust you, my impatience. Now i healed completely. Thank you so much for making me beautiful. Now i became happy girl. Thank you so much again. You are real doctor. I wish all the best in your life." and this email had few smiling pictures of her. She looked a different girl bubbling with confidence.
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- Dr. R. K. Mishra

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