Thursday, 18 July 2013

What is Plastic Surgery?

Since the Term "Plastic Surgery" involves the word "Plastic", people historically assume that much of this surgical endeavor involves use of Plastic or some other foreign material in the procedures to achieve the desired effects. But, fortunately, this concept is not a fact at all but a well established or may be widely assumed myth. The word "Plastic" actually derives from a Greek word-"Plastikos" which means to mold, shape or form. In this way, Plastic Surgery actually gives a new and improved shape to the desired or sometimes defected part of the body. There is absolutely no question of putting any kind of plastic in any of the procedure.
Sometimes plastic surgeons use synthetic materials such as silicone gel implants to achieve the enhanced shape but those are quite safe and technically not plastic. Implants are optional and only could be used after you choose & decide to have one in your body.  Another well known myth is Plastic Surgery can change your face to another person's (just like we see in Bollywood movies). Here, I would like to clarify that Plastic Surgery can never change the complete look of anyone's face. It only can remove the signs of aging, reshape a ill-shaped nose or chin, enhance the cheeks or jaw-line etc but still you will never be able to match any celebrity who ever  you fantasize to look like. Plastic surgery can certainly improve your looks but never make you a complete new person.

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