Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tips to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Ques-1: How important is the use of sunscreen?
Ans: It’s the UVA and UVB rays that cause skin darkening, tanning, blackheads, wrinkles and many more skin problems when you stay out frequently or for long time. Your skin need to be protected with any good quality sunscreens which contain SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 20-25%, Organic chemical compounds that absorb ultraviolet light and Inorganic particulates that reflect, scatter, and absorb UV light.

Ques-2: What is the correct method of applying the sunscreen?
Ans: Sunscreen starts working after 15-20 minute of the its application so apply at least 15-30 minute before going out and repeat it after 2-3 hrs or after towelling. Choose a sunscreen lotion or cream according to your skin type.

Ques-3: How can someone improve their skin color?
Ans: Skin gets darkened due sun exposure so try to avoid sun exposure and when going out apply good amount of sunscreen on the exposed parts of the body and use a cotton covering cloth to decrease the damage caused by UVA & UVB rays.

Ques-4: Is there any procedure to get rid of acne scars?
Ans: Acne scars get darkened when you stay out in sun exposure for long time without any protection, and they are very difficult to treat then. Dermabrasion can be a choice to consider for enhancing and improving the acne scars and skin tone.

Ques-5: Is there any side effects or possible risks of Dermabrasion?
Ans: You may develop tiny whiteheads after surgery. They usually disappear on their own, or with the use of an abrasive pad or soap (the surgeon may have to remove them occasionally). You may also develop enlarged skin pores; these usually shrink to near normal size once the swelling has subsided. While infection and scarring are rare with skin-refinishing treatments, they are possible. You can reduce your risks by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon and closely following his or her advice.

By Expert- Dr. R. K. Mishra, SIPS Hospital, Lucknow (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon)

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