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Enhance Your Facial Attractiveness by Facial Profile Correction

Physical attractiveness has important social consequences and well defined facial features are socially considered the most important traits of physical beauty. Our magazines and television screens are not just filled with any faces—they are filled with attractive faces. What makes a face look attractive and beautiful? What are the differences between very attractive and less appealing faces? What are some of these markers of beauty? And more importantly, why do we find them to be beautiful? While you may spend hours scouring beauty counters searching for miracle concoctions to help you look more attractive, what others inherently find beautiful about your face may actually be based more on proportions than potions.

For every historical period and every human culture, people have always had their own ideal of beauty. But this ideal has never been constant and is still subject to changes.

 Ideal female face is:
  • · Forehead higher than average, 
  • · Fuller lips, higher cheek bones, 
  • · Regular jaw line with tapering chin 
  • · Smaller nose. 

For women; “large eyes, a small nose and fuller lips are generally found to be more attractive as they are considered to enhance facial femininity” says Dr. Mishra.

The ideal male face is:
  • · Broad forehead, 
  • · Prominent brow and cheek bones, 
  • · Robust jaw and strong chin

It’s important to note that it’s less about your specific features than it is about the overall face,. Symmetry and average-ness are also equally important when it comes to perceptions of beauty (yes, believe it or not, being average is cool).

Individuals that don’t have such aesthetic properties may feel self-conscious about their appearance. Though there are few cosmetic surgery procedures available to target the specific features of face and re-shape them according to your expectations. However, it is sometimes difficult to tell what procedures we should go for in order to achieve symmetrical face. To decide about facial surgeries, we need to evaluate our facial contours first. We all want to look good and attractive but what many of us do not know is how to do our aesthetic facial evaluation and assess our facial profile. This is simply the relationship between facial width and facial height that has a strong influence on facial harmony.

 Facial Symmetry Evaluation
The width of an ideal face would be two-thirds its length. (B should be 2/3rd of A. The width of your lower jaw should be 80-90% less than width of your cheek bones. (C should be 80-90% less than B).

A Vertical line Drawn through the center of Forehead, Nose, Upper Lip, Dental Mid-line and Chin should divide the face in two almost equal halves.

The Facial third

Face can be horizontally divided into three equal parts with lines drawn at hairline to eyebrows (upper third- A), from eyebrows to base of nose (middle third - B), and from base of nose to lower most point of chin (lower third - C).

In lower third of face, from base of nose to where lips meet is 1/3 and rest 2/3 is from where lips meet to bottom of chin.

These are the ideal facial proportions which make your face look balanced and attractive. Dr. Mishra adds that perfectly symmetrical computer constructed faces are rated less attractive than normal faces, and it is over all facial features that makes a face attractive.  

Profile evaluation

Profile refers to the lateral line of face. Profile evaluation should be done on your lateral photograph. To take lateral photograph for profile evaluation, you should stand relax with both the arms hanging freely beside the trunk and look straight at an object at your eye level, keep your lips relaxed in natural position. The camera should be at some distance to your face and someone else should take your picture.
Now you have your photograph for evaluation of your face profile. Draw a line from center point between your eyebrows (point A) to point just below your nose (Point B), then draw a second line from point B to most prominent point of your chin (Point C). The two lines will meet at point B and form an angle.  A normal angle is typically 165° to 175°, as shown in the picture.

Angle that is significantly less than 165° most likely indicates a retrusive lower jaw (small chin), which means u need a chin augmentation

If the angle is greater than 180°, this is an indication of a deficient upper jaw or a protrusive lower jaw, and  problem can be corrected by chin reduction. 

Facial Profile Correction
Now that we know what points of our face need correction, we can select the corrective procedures more easily. Most of us imagine ourselves with smaller sharper nose, longer chin, higher cheek bones and curvy full luscious cupid bow lips but can do nothing about it except let out a sigh when we see people with such aesthetically pleasing personality. What many of us do not know is that there are many cosmetic surgery procedures designed to correct these parts of your facial profile so they are in proportion with the rest of your face.

Nose & Chin - The shape of your nose and chin in relation to one another determine whether you have an "aesthetically proportionate" profile of the face. For example, a small chin can make a moderately-sized nose look large, while a large nose might overshadow a normal sized chin. This is largely due to the relationship between your nose and chin. Many of us have a double chin that blurs the jaw-line by providing unnecessary fullness to under the chin. Fortunately, shape of nose and chin can be permanently corrected through different and unique cosmetic chin (sliding Genioplasty for chin augmentation), double-chin reduction (sub-mental fat removal for double chin) and nose correction (rhinoplasty for aesthetic nose shape). The procedures can safely be performed on day-care basis and you can return to your routine activities within 24 hours. 

Lips- If you feel that your lips are thin, lip augmentation (inserting your own fat into your lips) is there to help you to get fuller lips. On the other hand, there are many people who feel conscious due to over sized and bulky lips, but such lips can also be reshaped through lip reduction that helps reducing lip size to a natural shape.

Cheeks- Higher Cheeks bones, slim face contours have replaced the traditional rounded (moon-face or chubby face) look of facial profile which was a sign of beauty in older days. Cheek implants (also known as Malar Implants) increase the projection of the cheekbones as well as Buccal Fat Pad Removal gives sleek appearance to people with chubby (rounded) face. Dimples like Preity Zinta and Anshuman Khurana; is another fantasy that many people dream to have and it is now easily achievable through dimple creation. 

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