Wednesday, 12 April 2017 The Hot-Favourite Brand for Cosmetic Surgeries in Lucknow

Though in existence in India for about four decades, cosmetic surgery was always referred to in hush-hush tones, but it is now shedding its taboo tab. Cosmetic Surgeries are now easily available in most parts of the country and people get it frequently to improve their physical imperfections. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are well known cosmetic surgery destinations in India but Lucknow is also hitting this list as it becomes the new hot favourite cosmetic surgery destination for national and International clients. Lucknow-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. R. K. Mishra (founder of a well established brand for all types of cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries) who has been in this field for almost two decades and enjoys a national reputation, is fairly clear about Lucknow’s status as one of the India’s next top cosmetic surgery destination as it attracts patients who wish to combine medical travel with a vacation to an exotic, beautiful, and culturally rich locale at almost half cost of most parts of the country & one tenth of those in world. For example- in Lucknow, a tummy tuck comes with approx. Rs 1 lakh plus price tag and in Mumbai, the price is about more than 2 lakh and in the United States, the price of this is about US$4,000 i.e. Rs 20 lakhs!

Dr. Mishra at offers world class medical facilities, state of the art infrastructure with the aesthetic ambience and advanced technologies such as fully equipped operation theatres with complete range of modern sophisticated instruments and fully furnished Deluxe Private wards with all amenities and best qualified staffs comparable with any of the western countries accompanied with the most competitive prices to provide international standard of cosmetic surgery procedures. In order to maintain a youthful and attractive appearance, Dr. Mishra offers a handful of procedures that men and women regularly turn to. For men, the most popular procedures are eyelid surgery, which can take years off the appearance of your face, as well as liposuction to address "love handle" issues and Gynecomastia surgery to take care of that “male breasts” embarrassment. Not surprisingly, these same procedures are also incredibly popular with women. Additionally, breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction, tummy-tuck and facelift procedures are also go-to choices for women looking to hold onto their youth. 

Dr. R. K. Mishra believes that cosmetic surgery requires more attention to minute details, fine skills and artistic appreciation of form and function to achieve perfection and there is no margin of errors but the real fine-tuning for cosmetic surgeons comes over the years as they build their experience and reputations for very good work. Board certification is certainly an indicator of a surgeon's readiness to perform plastic surgery, but experience trumps everything. Dr. R. K. Mishra is an extensively trained plastic and cosmetic surgeon (ASPS & Board certified) of north India with more than 15 years of surgical experience and his diverse patient pool includes not only Indian metro cities and rural outskirts but also other countries like Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Spain, UAE, USA, UK, Canada, Estonia, Fiji, New Zealand, Africa, Mongolia, Jordan, Thailand, Kenya and Australia, and that too through his self established brand power, quality of services with physical evidences and word of mouth which is achieved so far without any tie-up with mediators like tourism companies or foreign hospitals or any such resources. 

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