Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Breast Lift For Youthful Breasts

Sagging or droopy breasts can occur in a number of circumstances. Losing weight can cause the breasts to sag since volume is lost. There’s a lot of fat in the breast and if you tend to lose weight in your breasts, you’ll probably lose volume too. It’s also believed that larger breasts (more volume i.e. more weight) tend to sag more quickly due to gravity and other contributing factors. When pregnancy is coupled with weight gain and loss, there is noticeable drop in the breasts. Age also affect breasts in terms of sagging, but is not as much of a factor as pregnancy and genetics because fluctuating hormone levels and breast-feeding are the main causes of breast changes during and after pregnancy. Breast tenderness can start as early as a few weeks into pregnancy. After about eight weeks, your breasts begin to enlarge. Many women increase by as much as two cup sizes. Breasts grow to make room for the expanding milk ducts during pregnancy and after breastfeeding is stopped; the glands shrink and the breasts lose fullness. This expansion of breasts also stretches skin to store the volume but expansion of skin does not contract back when this volume is lost that result in breasts sagging. In fact, most sagging results from overstretched skin. These changes experienced during pregnancy can leave breasts on the saggy side making you look unconfident about your physique. Some women start to feel so conscious about their figure after childbirth that they tend to feel depress and hesitate being social. Young women with loosely hanging breasts may especially feel self-conscious wearing swimsuits and other types of clothing and it makes them feel that they are no more as young and attractive as they used to be. If you want a long-lasting solution to this unattractiveness, you may want to consider a breast lift. A breast lift, also known as a mastoplexy, is the only way to reposition the breast back to where it belongs. The goal of a breast lift is to restore the breasts to a higher, more youthful position.

Breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure designed to bring the drooping breast back up to a more youthful position. This is accomplished by removal of excess skin in a fashion that cones the breast into an attractive, more upright shape while elevating the position of the centre part of the breasts.  There are different approaches to achieve this depending upon the extent of sagginess.

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